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We understand perfectly that choosing among all our incredible escorts in Moscow is complicated, and that any help we could give you means a lot. That's why we decided to publish experiences that customers like you send us. We think that your feedback is very important for us, to know how our escorts in Moscow do perform, and generally, how we can improve our service. Also, sending your stories you're helping others when trying to select among our girls.

Below you can find a list with the last reviews that you sent us. If you want to let us know your experience, just go to the girl profile, send your review and we will publish is inmediately.


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19.03.2019 Mona review submited by DavidTob

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26.06.2016 Alla review submited by Jaelyn

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26.06.2016 review submited by Zabrina

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26.06.2016 Lucia review submited by Jonay

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26.06.2016 Karolina review submited by Joyelle

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03.11.2015 Beverli review submited by pamela

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10.12.2013 Alsu review submited by Adam W.

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28.11.2013 Alsu review submited by Alex

Yeahhh....she is facking hot .. muahhh already start missing you bb:))) Hope see you again.. Take care.. Alex See Alsu

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I ask Helena visit me at day time but she works only in the night. So she came to my hotel at 11pm It worth to wait. Gret lover, flesh nicely shaved and passion in everything. I never had a such experience. She is a great escort girl. Will definitely back to see her again. See Helena

06.11.2013 Faina review submited by Олег

Хорошая девушкаб знает как удовлетворить молодого парня. Доп услуги только мбр анал нет. See Faina

05.11.2013 Alisa review submited by Martin

Stunning lady who fullfiled my expectations and fantasies to the utmost. Good looking charming,articulate and an ultimate pleasure to be with, i will certainly visit this site and hopefully this woman again. See Alisa

03.11.2013 Mona review submited by Henry

Maria is the most wonderful companion which i have had in a long while she is very articulate clever and to top is all she has a fantastic sence of humor and a great body, i hope to return soon and will definatly wine and dine this lady. See Mona

03.11.2013 Betty review submited by Alex

Really sweet girl and eager to please. Good performance and very good looking with perfect natural breast. Would definetely recommend her. Treat her well! See Betty

02.11.2013 Helena review submited by Lary

Wow. I\\\'m a bit jaded but this girl is beyond belief. She\\\'s leaving soon apparently so enjoy her while you can. I\\\'m otherwise speechless. Everything you could hope for in your wildest dream, all delivered with a sultry smile. See Helena

01.11.2013 Julia review submited by Harry

Mature around 30ties. She knows what to do, no shy, no limits. See Julia

01.11.2013 review submited by Martin

hot fun lady who sucks like a Dyson to completion Round 2 ended with CIF which she lived and smiled She is great and I will return xxx See

30.10.2013 Beverli review submited by Robert

Expect only the best girls when I come to Moscow and Beverli did not let her agency down. Her face is beautiful and I did like how she made sure that I was satisfied at all times, very nice girl. See Beverli

30.10.2013 review submited by stephen

I saw a very attractive blonde girl in heels and a very beautiful dress when I opened my hotel room. Although she didn't look much like the pictures on the website and she was probably a couple years older than 21 (who doesn't lie about their age), she was still very sexy and attractive, I was not disappointed, and I don't expect anyone else will be either. She was also very nice and well mannered which are very important traits in an escort. She did pretty much everything I asked and seeing her is a memory I don't expect to forget very soon. She was very good, her OWO was one of the best I've ever had, and I just might go see her again very soon See


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