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Stories & news from our escorts in Moscow

After all these years, we realized that you really want to know everything about our beautiful escorts in Moscow and about our new services or new girls added to the team. So, we decided to create a place where we could share with you news related to our girls and to our escort services in Moscow.

Our models are really open to share with you personal stories and private experiences in order to help you to know them. We are always looking for giving you the enough information to guide you in your selecting process. If you read some private information about one of our escorts, we are sure that it will make you understand a bit more how she thinks, how she performs and even how she really is personally.

See below a list with our last news. Feel free to enjoy reading them. If you have any comment, or want us to ask or propose anything to our escorts in Moscow, please send us an email and we will take it into account.



Chara is coming tomorrow from Bellarussia. She is a young girl. Not much experience in this business but naughty and always wants to know more and more. She had some experience of making love as she described erotic friendship. A few years ago, when she was 15, her aunt and now uncle got married in Ukraine. All her family went there for one week fro the wedding. Everyone was allowed a few alcoholic drinks at the reception, but only few. Everyone was having fun, and some of the family went back to the apartment. After a while she decided she would go and join them, or go to sleep. So she headed back to the apartment. She went to the room of her step sister, her female cousin, and male cousins. She entered the door and she thought that everyone was sleeping, so she quietly went to the bedroom. When she opened the door she heard something in the bedroom. She began to open it when she saw through the door slightly ajar that 2 her sisters and her cousin were all quite drunk. Then she noticed her cousin was teaching both her sisters how to masturbate! Showing them on herself and also for themselves, and with each other. She could not believe what she was watching! It made her horny and turned on!
So she stood there watching them, when a breeze blew the door open a bit more and they saw her. Everyone was red. After an awkward moment that seemed to last forever, her cousin invited to teach her how to please her next girl friend. She did partly out of embarrassment.
She said that first she would have to naked, otherwise they'd all be embarrassed by her. So she did, and they saw her erection, she was so embarrassed. But she joined in with their fun. After about an hour of teaching all how to masturbate, they all went to bed. Over the next 6 days, when their parents were out drinking and clubbing, she and her sisters, and her cousin would stay behind in the apartment. Then her cousin would teach all of them sexual acts, such as how to masturbate a boy, oral sex on both genders and things like that. All but full proper vaginal/penis intercourse. They all had fun and there are glad it happened.


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